1. 19/1/1978 A self study course on raising huge quantities of fresh vegetables where there is poor soil, little space and only simple hand tools. These vegetables do not require good agricultural land, that does not require equipment and money but does require hand labor and the simple application of...
  2. This publication is a natural organic appproach using ecology to gardening. 257 pages
  3. 19/1/1972 This book includes information on vegetables and fruits in west africa; their nutritional values, growth; pracitial growing, school gardening; soil conservation and extension techniques.
  4. All you want or need to know to grow a marvelous Kitchen Garden!
  5. Book 2 discusses crop management and pest management.
  6. 1/1/2016 The purpose of this document is to articulate the World Vegetable Center's approach to household gardening based on experience and published evidence of what works. 34 pages, illustrated, photos
  7. 1/1/1994 Educational chart project developed by Jan Powell, Ray McNeilan, JR & Associates, Consulting No page numbers, illustrated
  8. Inspired by the French tradition of teaching children to appreciate fresh and healthful foods, The Children's Kitchen Garden offers a new approach to gardening, cooking, and learning that brings children and adults together.
  9. Root cellaring is a method of storing perishable fruits and vegetables, and this guide gives instruction on both improvising a small root cellar and constructing a true root cellar.
  10. 1/9/1989 49 pages, illustrated. The intent of this book is to create better vegetable gardening practices, not only in Haiti but in other places with hot climates.