1. 1/6/1960 This book will not attempt to cover either all tropical fruits or citrus fruits, but will deal primarily with the more popular varieties of the small fruit and pnut trees which will thrive and produce fruit in the state. 59 pages, illustrated
  2. 1/1/1988 This booklet promotes the advantages of landscaping with native plants. It stresses the water economy of native plants and also the cold hardiness of native species. 2 copies
  3. A "Florida native plant" refers to a species occurring within the state boundaries prior to European contact, according to the best available scientific and historical documentation. Florida native plants include those species understood as indigenous, occurring in natural associations in...
  4. 11/9/2015 If you've been fighting with your Florida garden, you're doing it wrong! Florida wants to be covered in forest, not grass and annuals. Picture yourself strolling through a lush and tame jungle loaded with sweet fruit, vegetables, roots, medicinal herbs, flowers and darting butterflies. Now...
  5. 1/1/1957 This publication tells the history of pineapple in Florida and gives information on how to raise pineapples.
  6. 1/1/2003 This publication focuses on the products - the new varieties that have been developed and released since 1988. 39 pages, illustrated, photos
  7. 1/1/1965 In this booklet, the authors have tried to answer in capsule form the various questions asked about our large and varied plant life of Florida. 80 pages Bulletin no. 161, R-January, 1965
  8. 1/1/1962 In the following presentation, there are assembled for the first time more than 115 species, native or naturalized in South Florida and/or on the Florida Keys, that offer food, drink, or, in a few instances, salt-, tobacco- and soap-substitutes - or emergency means of cleaning the teeth. 76...
  9. 1/1/1989 Gardening in Florida is quite different from that in the North. This book answers most of your questions and some you hadn't considered. Although not a new book, it is current in its facts and tips. A must for people who want to start backyard gardens in Florida.
  10. 1/1/2001 This book is packed with information that explains what needs to be done and when it needs to be done in Florida gardens.