1. 1/1/2006 20 pages, illustrated
  2. ADF's first ten years have shown that African grassroots communities can design and implement projects to address their most basic needs for food, water, and jobs and that an agency of the US government can provide assistance directlyto these groups in a manner that is efficient and effective.
  3. Investigates nonformal education programs in developing countries, viewing their potential as a vehicle for national growth through the training of farmers, small businessmen, and craftsmen.
  4. In this powerful new analysis of development stategies and projects, Thierry Verheist draws on his unrivalled experience of grassroots development in many different parts of the world. Published during the UNESCO Decade on Culture and Developmnet, his book argues that development is often seenby...
  5. 1/1/2007 In this powerful and provocative manifesto, Bill McKibben offers the biggest challenge in a generation to the prevailing view of our economy. For the first time in human history, he observes, "more" is no longer synonymous with "better"―indeed, for many of us, they have become almost opposites....
  6. This book was written as a simple guide to the evaluation of small business projects.
  7. This manual should provide valuable research guidance on the collection and analysis of baseline information and new insights that can be employed to enhance the design and delivery of development programmes.
  8. Based on over 20 years' experience in training NGO staff in enterprise development, this manual provides detailed guidelines for an eleven-day training course whose objective is to enable NGO staff to better assist others trying to start their own businesses. It covers marketing, financial...
  9. With this book, ACCION wishes to illustrate the importance of the micro-business sector as a whole to the economic future of Latin American countries and to provide insight into the complex nature of the urban slum economy.
  10. 1/1/1996 World Vision in the Philippines has piloted a new development approach, called the Provincial Development Approach, in the southernpart of Cebu. This issues of The Bridge documents the process of establishing this program, and some of the exciting outcomes over the past eight years.