1. The objectives of this guide is to raise awareness of the extent of post-harvest losses due to pests and diseases, to increase awareness of the benefits of maintaining genetic variability and traditional crop varieties, to introduce the concept of grain banks, and to introduce new concepts of...
  2. This book brings together resources and information that will help the propsective volunteer find an appropriate placement.
  3. 19/1/1987 Communicating Development is basically a consolidation of lessons gained by the community facilitators of the International Institute of Rural Reconstruction (IIRR) in developing communication materials.
  4. 19/1/1997 The premise of the manual is that ongoing self-evaluation is a participatory learning process.
  5. 19/1/1989 "This training of trainers workshop has been designed for field staff of Save the Children Federation and for our partners in development around the world."
  6. 1/1/1990 This book describes how slide programs and filmstrips can be used to inform, motivate and train people in developing countries. 56 pages, illustrated
  7. 14/8/2017 This contains information presented by ECHO in theironeweek course on community development. No page count, illustrations
  8. The purpose of this guide is to provide volunteers with a method to learn about the biophysical, economic and social aspects of their host-communities by exploring how people relate to the local environment. As volunteers learn about their host-communities' relationship with the natural resource...
  9. 1/1/1957 This book is concerned mainly with how people in tropical and underdeveloped countries can be stimulated and helped to develop their own local communities. It covers agencies, aims and approaches, methods and techniques, and some criteria.
  10. Recurso clave
    4/11/2015 El aprendizaje activo y el intercambio de conocimientos son claves para la adopción de innovaciones beneficiosas por agricultores. Programas de trabajadores comunitarios de salud (TCS) y trabajadores comunitarios de salud de animales (TCSA) han resultado en un cuerpo amplio de conocimientos sobre...