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Shea is an important product for women in the shea belt, which ranges from Senegal in West Africa to Ethiopia in East Africa. However, if the raw shea nuts are not properly processed then the resultant stored nuts and derived products are of poorer quality. The following animation demonstrates steps by which raw shea nuts can be processed to produce better quality shea nuts for storage. This approach has the added advantage that it reduces the amount of firewood needed to process the nuts as compared to traditional processing approaches.

Scientific Animations Without Borders (SAWBO) is a university based program. SAWBO transforms extension information on relevant topics such as agriculture, disease and women's empowerment, into 2D, 2.5D and 3D animations, which are then voice overlaid into a diversity of languages from around the world.

All SAWBO animations are made freely available to anyone wishing to use them for educational purposes. Animations can be downloaded from a diversity of SAWBO channels and used on computers, tablets, cell phones, TVs, and overhead projection systems.

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