Presentaciones del Simposio de ECHO de las tierras altas de África oriental 2014

  1. 27/10/2014 TUBURA Rwanda Basic Information: - Supply inputs (DAP, Urea, NPK 17, lime) and other products (Sun King Pro solar lamps) to small farmers on credit - Also provide direct delivery, extension trainings and visits, weather-indexed insurance. - In Rwanda since 2007 Work in 13 districts in Rwanda -...
  2. 27/10/2014 GALVmed is working to controlND,a contagious and often fatal viral disease affecting all species of birds. ND is an avian strain of paramyxovirus. Severity and Impact is greatest in developing countries, especially with village backyard chickens (BYP).Of an estimated 1.38 billion chickens in...
  3. 27/10/2014 Un Champ Ecole Paysan est une méthode de vulgarisation. Les champs écoles paysans (FFS, «Farmer Field School»): -- Se composent de groupes d’agriculteurs qui se réunissent pour étudier un sujet particulier qu’ils se choisissent euxmêmes; -- Offrent des possibilités d'apprentissage par la pratique...
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  6. 27/10/2014 The Information Noise -- 3,5 Million Blogg posts published yesterday -- 1 Billion+ Websites yesterday -- 7 Billion+ Video views yesterday -- 1,23 Billion active Facebook users. -- News papers from all nations in virtually all languages at your fingertips. -- Radio & TV stations can be heard...
  7. 27/10/2014 It is an approach by which a farmer takes decision to re-grow trees in his/her farm without planting.FMNR is based on the systematic regrowth of existing trees or self-sown seeds, and is possible wherever there are living tree stumps with the ability to re-sprout or seeds in the soil that can...
  8. 27/10/2014 Caracteristics of the Burundian agricultural sector • The agricultural sector is the engine of the national economy • But it is essentially a subsistence farming. • Agriculture is practiced in a rudimentary way by about 1.5 million rural households (90% of households) on very small farms whose...
  9. 27/10/2014 The following photos were all taken in the fields or homes of practicing farmers in Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Costa Rica, Haiti, Ecuador, Peru, Paraguay, Benin, Cameroon, Japan, Thailand and Indonesia
  10. 28/10/2014 PROJECT: INTEGRATED FOOD SECURITY AND SUSTAINABLE LIVELIHOODS GOAL: To contribute to the reestablishment of sustainable livelihoods and improved health FOCUS: •Conservation and management of land and environmental resources through reforestation and reduced soil erosion. • Increase of soil...
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  12. 28/10/2014 The Great Lakes region is a major production area of banana (Musa ssp.), with higher per capita consumption levels than anywhere else in the world, The region is home to the East African highland bananas (EAHB), which are an important food and cash crop for more than 30 million people in the...
  13. 28/10/2014 Importance de la culture du haricot au Burundi: Au Burundi, le haricot est l’une des plus importantes cultures vivrières. Il est cultivée dans toutes les régions naturelles du pays. Aliment de base: le haricot est l’aliment le plus rencontré dans les plats familiaux des Burundais (omniprésent à...
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  16. 28/10/2014 Potato production in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) has more than doubled since 1994, with 70% growth in eastern Africa (FAO and CFC 2010). Despite these gains, on-farm potato yields in the region still short compared to their potential. Mostly due to a combination of inadequate supplies of...
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  49. 28/10/2014 Benefits of Beekeeping 1. Bees pollinate crops hence boosting crop yields and household incomes. 2. Honey and other products generate income. People everywhere like honey. Beekeeping is an ideal small scale income generating activity, and there is a ready market for products, both locally and...
  50. 28/10/2014 While coming back, returnees are facing many challenges: Lack of shelter, Lack of food, Lack of the other items like cloths and houses materials, Lack of water and sanitation, Drop out school, Lack of employment Etc Working with returnees is helping them to meet these needs.
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  52. 27/10/2014 A-frame levels can be used to trace contour lines for soil conservation, or irrigation ditches at % slope. They are highly accurate, and cost nothing.