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For those of you working to rebuild agriculture in hurricane-ravaged Caribbean and Central American communities, we’ve assembled some free agroforestry training materials that will immensely benefit you:

  • How to plant windbreaks to stop and slow heavy winds

  • How to build contours to stop erosion

  • How to plant green walls to protect before, during and after the storm


Trees for the Future is dedicated to ending extreme hunger and poverty across Sub-Saharan Africa by revitalizing degraded lands using the Forest Garden Approach. The Forest Garden Approach, developed by Trees for the Future, diversifies farming systems with trees and food crops that meet subsistence needs and market opportunities. While conventional agriculture programs focus on one or few crops, the Forest Garden Approach is rooted in diversifying each farm with many food crops and thousands of trees so farming families will be self-sufficient in their production of food, timber and non-timber forest products.