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Prof. Dov Pasternak working in Israel, was among the pioneers of drip irrigation. He researched irrigation with saline water and conducted domestication of arid land crops. He received a UNESCO Chair for his work on desert research. For over 10 years Prof. Pasternak worked as Principal Scientist for Crops Diversification at ICRISAT-Niger and then continued as advisor on development projects in Africa.

This book describes his experience in Africa. The book is written for both laymen and scientists. It is a must for anyone interested in or dealing with Africa’s agricultural development. It starts by explaining how development projects fail and what can be done. It offers many systems, technologies and crops for a more profitable agriculture. The book emphasizes irrigation of vegetables, fruit trees and profitable field crops as a solution to current conditions and ends by suggesting how to carry out development programs.

Forty four photos and many anecdotes of the author’s life experience, make this book easy and a pleasure to read.

The entire book is available for download.   Also available for Kindle through Amazon.


On one of these open days, I went into the field to follow up on the demonstration to VIPs by Saidou, our chief technician, of new dual purpose (grain and fodder) cowpea varieties. Saidou was talking to an impressive group of well-groomed NGO leaders. He was explaining the merits of each of the cowpea varieties. From the expressions on their faces, I could tell that this was the first time that these people had ever heard about and seen cowpeas (a major staple crop in the Sudano Sahel), and that they had no understanding of, nor interest in varietal differences.
In stark contrast, when we brought farmers to the same field of cowpeas the following day, we were not even given a chance to explain the potential of the varieties. Immediately, the farmers saw the potential by themselves and began running all over the field collecting seeds in their pockets and frocks to try in their own fields. In less than 15 minutes, not a single seed was left on the plants.

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  • Publicado: 2016
  • Editor: Contento Now
  • ISBN-13: 9789655504903