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  1. This publication on the evaluation of soils in agroforestry will enable you to explain how soils evaluation can be used in the diagnosis of agroforestry constraints and identify and interpret important soils information in the context of agroforestry intervention design.
  2. 2002-01-01 This book includes question and answers on how to improve and maintain tropical soil fertility. It also includes activity guides and a resource listing.
  3. This book includes question and answers, activity guides and a listing of resoures in regards to soil erosion.
  4. This pack looks at the factors that influence soil formation, and the characteristics of soils, including their physical, hydrological, chemical and biological properties.
  5. The focus of this pack is agroforestry-the planting of trees and other woody plants on farms to help improve soil fertility and protect it against erosion, while simultaneously helping to meet the needs of farming families.
  6. While erosion by water and wind is the most common form of soil degradation, soil may become less productive even without being physically removed from the land. How and why soils become physically and chemically degrade is the focus of this pack. It will explore how and why soils become...
  7. 1980-01-01 Among its other activities, FAO has focused on developing natural resources and approaches for their better utilization in order to increase food production in developing countires.This FAO book contains technical papers on soil and plant testing services in many different countries. Also...
  8. TropicalSoils. Lush growth on top, but not fertile soil…Tropicalsoils are found under very hot conditions, and high yearly rainfall. They are the worlds oldest..
  9. 1976-01-19 The proper management of soils in the tropics is one of the critical and least understood components in the worldwide race between food production and population growth. This book compiles the available information on properties and management of tropical soils, with emphasis on ways to increase...
  10. In these proceedings of an international symposium held in Las Vegas, Nevada, October 1989, soil scientists from throughout the world present much of what is known about the special properties of the soils of the tropics