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  1. Vasant Saberwal explores the origins of the alarmist rhetoric on land degradation in the western Himalaya, which he finds to be unsubstantiated according to empirical evidence and ecological theory.
  2. 1989-01-01 This publication includes articles on diseases of llamas, sheep, alpaca and goats.
  3. 1965-01-01 This book is intended primarily for the use of veterinarians, veterinary students, and research workers in livestock diseases and livestock production. It should also be of value to sheep producers.
  4. 2009-01-01 Small ruminants, such as sheep and goats, fit well into smallholder farming systems: cheap to buy and maintain, easy to work with and to market, they are widely distributed throughout the world, but policy-makers and administrators tend to overlook their contributions to the economy and rural and...