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  1. 2006-07-20 Trichomes from Mucuna pruriens (L.) DC. var. pruriens (also known as kewach or cow-itch) are effective in removing parasitic worms in pregnant does.
  2. 2007-10-20 Chickens are an important source of meat and eggs for many small-scale farmers. When only a few chickens are kept, they are usually able to meet their dietary needs with kitchen scraps and a bit of grain, and by scavenging for seeds, insects, worms, etc. However, if the flock size is increased...
  3. 2009-10-20 Information about reports of success in Haiti with a technique developed in Israel for growing “organically certified” tilapia by adding (1) submerged bamboo poles or palm fronds and (2) a submerged “compost pile” to fertilize the pond. Microscopic organisms collectively called “periphyton” grow...
  4. 2008-01-01 Grass pea (Lathyrus sativus) is a drought tolerant legume used as forage for livestock or as food for people (seeds are roasted, cooked into porridge or ground for use in bread). The plant thrives in poor soil, drought or flooding.
  5. Cambodian animal agriculture faces many significant challenges and problems, mostly these are disease related; with this being the single biggest constraint on animal production in Cambodia. The relatively high price of processed animal feeds and continuing drought are also significant production...
  6. 2008-07-20 Bone mealhas another use. You can overcome mineral deficiencies in cattle by making your own cattle lick or mineral block, using bonemeal as the source of phosphorous.
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