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  1. 1977-01-01 This report discusses the means by which the natural process of anaerobic fermentation can be controlled by man for his benefit, and how the methane generated by this process can be used as a fuel. 131 pages
  2. This book summarizes the scientific, technical, and commercial information developed during WW II when Sweden, cut off from fossil fuels, converted 40% of its entire motor vehicle fleet to burning wood. Again we face a period when fossil liquid fuels are increasingly scarce and expensive and when...
  3. This publication discusses the background and history of digesters, the biology of digestion, raw materials, the gas, digesters, using gas, using sludge, and building a sump digester, and building an inner tube digester.
  4. Describes the physical and chemical processes leading to the production of biogases and describes procedures for constructing a digester to convert sewage and organic wastes to methane for use on farms and in homes