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  1. Examines the pest problems peculiar to Florida, identifies a variety of harmful insects as well as beneficial spiders, and includes advice on pest control
  2. Suggestions for protecting plants presented on the following pages cover a wide range. Undoubtedly you will find some of the methods more useful than others. The tricks that deter one gardener's predators may not faze the animals that are ruining your crop.
  3. 1977-01-01 The book explains a step-by-step approach, starting with preventive measures and working up to the more powerful remedies; from soil health, resistant varieties and companion planting, to traps, repellents and bug poisons.
  4. Key Resource 1984-05-01 Suggests techniques for preventing diseases and pest damage, describes the problems that can develop with each kind of fruit and vegetable, and describes specific remedies. 2 Copies
  5. A Field Guide to more than 100 pests, dieseases and other problems found in your garden. A to Z coverage on 180 plants along with the latest organic controls. This is a chemical-free guide to keeping your garden healthy.