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  1. This book is only an introduction to fish culture which is useful to this country since all countries all over the world are spending much time and money to discover which of the fish commonly found in their waters will grow well in ponds.
  2. This manal is aimed at providing practical guidance to carp hatchery workers and background information on carp biology and culture which may be inaccessible in areas lacking fisheries libraries.
  3. 1968-01-01 Fish farming is a practical pplication to food production, of limnology and freshwater biology; and that, in itself, is justification for a small book for those interested in natural history, and in the use of natural resources.
  4. This booklet was prepared as an aid for people working in areas where there are limited resources for information and assistance. CVM's main purpose is to provide some common basic practices for fish farmers to use, in order to establish a good, sound and economically viable aquaculture. 2 Copies...
  5. This resource book consists of a compilation of proven experiences from Asia that are totally field-derived. This book is the result of the participatory workshop process conducted on September 18-28, 2000 at the International Institute of Rural Reconstruction.
  6. This manual consolidates and documents information on successful techniques for culturing striped bass and hybrid striped bass.
  7. 1996-03-01 This publication is intended for prospective investors and producers to aid in the preliminary assessment of the aquacultural potential of tilapia. 23 pages, illustrated, photos
  8. This manual is organized to provide basic information on the biology of North American Acipenseridae in the early sections, followed by sections containing specific information on practical hatchery techniques. The basic information covers the natural distribution of the species and biological...
  9. This Agrodok aims at provideing basic information on how to set up a small-scale fish farm for subsistence purposes. The first part describes the principles of fish farming, types of fish farms, methods of fish farming, and pond maintenance and monitoring. Also included is a section on...
  10. This publication includes a review of tilapia aquaculture in the Americas. It is for the wanting to advance the worldwide growth of tilapia to meet human needs in a sustainable manner.