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  1. Conveners P. Bleyaert, R. De Vis, M.-C. Van Labeke Editors P. Bleyaert, M.-C. Van Labeke Publication date 17 November 2020 ISBN 978-94-62612-92-1 ISSN 0567-7572(print) 2406-6168(electronic) Number of articles 31 Volumes 1 Place Ghent, Belgium
  2. 1984-06-01 The uses of cucurbit seeds as sources of oils and proteins have been reviewed by Jacks, et al. (1972). After the hull is removed, cucurbit seeds contain about 50 percent oil and up to 35 percent proteins. Most of their oil is made up of non-saturated fatty acids, thus of high nutritional values....
  3. 1992-06-19 Recipe for making catsup (ketchup) from squash.
  4. 1993-12-19 Information about the possibility of using egusi seeds to produce a milk substitute.