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  1. This document has been prepared to help dairy cattle practitioners in their efforts to use antimicrobials judiciously to minimize the development of restance in human and animal pathogens while maintaining effectiveness to treat and prevent diseases of food animals.
  2. 1970-01-01 71 authors writing on bovine medicine & surgery and herd health management.
  3. 1956-01-01 In this volume, the authors have presented, to those who are interested in cattle practice, the more important facts that thye have gleaned from years of specialized practice or research in their respective active fields.
  4. 1971-01-01 This book describes some of the health and management problems of the feedlot industry. The volume may help practicing veterinarians in preventing, diagnosing, and treating diseases; feedlot operators in understanding, accepting and planning health programs; and students in perceiving the...
  5. 1964-01-01 To sum up, this book is a very informative and comprehensive work, presented in a novel and easy style to read, and should prove of much value and help to farmers and all those concerned in animal welfare.
  6. 2007-01-01 Ethnoveterinary medicine is the name given to the way in which most livestock keepers in Cameroon and other countries treat animal health problems. Ethnovet practices are important because they are easily availalbe, inexpensive and effective, especially in rural areas where veterinary services...