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  1. Key Resource 2018-05-17 Many plants deemed as invaluable for the smallholder farmer offer nutritious food for the family, fodder for animals, or timber for construction. Remarkably, bamboo offers all three of these assets from the same perennial plant! This Technical Note will focus on how to most effectively harvest,...
  2. 1985-01-01 2 volumes, illustrated, photos
  3. 1981-09-01 52 pages, illustrated, photos Information Collection & Exchange, R-33
  4. 1995-01-19 Brings together the pratical experience of engineers working in the field. Shows how bamboo has been used in different designs in developing countries. 65 pages, illustrated
  5. In India there is a saying that “after birth one cannot survive without bamboo”. The early human use of bamboo tools and technology may have preceded the usage of the Stone Age tools, but unlike stone, bamboo is perishable and no record of the use has been preserved. Bamboo is an extremely...
  6. 1984-01-01 A comprehensive guide to this remakable plant, its uses, and its history 2 copies 331 pages, illustrated