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Edible Portion: Fruit, Leaves

A very small tree. It grows up to 9 m high. The trunk is 40 cm across. The trunk is short and soon divides into stout spreading branches. The crown is dense and rounded. It loses its leaves during the year. The leaves are alternate and simple. Leaves are oval but can vary in shape on the one tree. They are 8-24 cm long. It tapers to a long tip. The base is broad and heart shaped. There are 3 prominent veins and teeth around the edge. The upper surface is yellowish-green and rough. It is softly hairy underneath. Leaves turn yellow in autumn. The flowers are small and yellowish. The male and female flowers can be in mixed catkins but usually are in separate catkins either on the same tree or different trees. They are produced in the axils of the leaves. The fruit are small and fleshy. They are in compact groups in fruits like raspberries. These are 22-30 mm long. They are red or dark purple and sweet, juicy and edible.