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Pigeon pea is an important green manure-cover crop with multiple agronomic and market impacts for small farmers, and fits ideally in a conservation agriculture system. 

Presenter : Said Silim has recently retired from a distinguished career in international development from ICRISAT, and helped to raise the profile of pigeon pea in Africa.

Kilimo Markets integrates value chains through enhancing production, inputs supply chains especially seed for which it is registered, organizing farmer business groups and collective market brokerage in global markets.

Presenter :  Daniel Charles is the Director of Kilimo Markets which has worked with more than 30,000 SHFs marketing on average 1500mt of grain and 5mt of certified seed per year in Northern Tanzania since registration in 2010. Kilimo Markets is family-owned and registered with the Tanzania Investment Center in 2010 as a for-profit seed company. Its three directors have university training and an aggregated 76 years of experience in business, agriculture and project management.