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Available on iOS 10.0+ and Android 5.0+

Android version updated 8/2022 for Android 11, 12, 12.1 (available soon)

Search "echocommunity" in the App Store on your iPhone or in Google Play on your Android phone.

App ScreensECHO has provided resources to farmers and development workers for 40 years. ECHOcommunity.org contains thousands of documents and videos that are relevant for those working to end world hunger; the new mobile app enables these resources to be stored directly on a mobile device so that they can be viewed and shared with others while offline.


The ECHOcommunity Mobile App also allows farmers to track and evaluate crops. Seeds (whether procured from ECHO seed banks around the world or from other sources) can be tracked from planting to harvest through detailed digital records. Farmers can track weather events, inputs, pests, diseases, and many other factors. The app supports adding notes and pictures. Data, notes and pictures are synchronized to internet-based storage when internet is available, and retained on the device at all times. The app is able to function on very low bandwidths.

The app is available in English, Spanish, French, Swahili, Thai, Central Khmer, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Burmese, Chinese and Haitian Kreyol through the Apple [http://edn.link/apple] and Android [http://edn.link/android] app stores The navigation language can be changed in Settings. When changed, any resource already translated to the selected language will be presented in that language. Translation projects for navigation and resources are undertaken as needs are made known and funds become available.  Search for ‘echocommunity’ (no spaces) in your app store to download the app to your mobile device now. If you find the app useful, please share it with others!


  • Access to thousands of resources and videos, available as soon as they are added to ECHOcommunity.org
  • Offline storage and sharing of downloaded materials
  • The ability to ask questions of the global ECHO community


You can view the app store entries on your computer at :





App Announcement Video



Sharing Resources Through The ECHOcommunity Mobile App

The ECHOcommunity app gives you access to many downloadable resources such as PDFs and videos. You can download these files directly to your device for reference in the field. You can also share these files with people in your community. It is possible to share resources from this app with others even when you don’t have Wi-Fi or a cellular data connection!   

Use the View Resource button for more information.

Mobile App Setup Tutorial

Abigail Jackson

Learn how to navigate your app, access resources, and set your preferences.

Use the View Resource button for more information.

Mobile App Resource Tutorial

Abigail Jackson

Learn how to access, view, and share resources available through ECHOcommunity.org and our network partners.

Use the View Resource button for more information.

Mobile App Plant Records Tutorial

Abigail Jackson

Learn to create a plant record and keep track of crop information throughout the growing cycle.