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Dr. Tim Motis recently posted a follow up to his July 2015 post on ECHO's 2-4-2 maize/cowpea trial.  This update presents some of the data that has been collected to date.

When the legumes were sampled in July, the above-ground biomass of both weeds and legumes were sampled.  Weeds made up less than 3% of the biomass in cowpea and jackbean plots.  Weed biomass in the mucuna plots was statistically similar to that with cowpea and jackbean.  Legume biomass was greater with jackbean (2.9 tonnes per hectare) than cowpea (1.9 tonnes per hectare) and mucuna (1.6 tonnes per hectare)...

For the full results, methodology and charts read the full blog posting (Login Required).

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