Presented By: Daniela Riley

Event: Asia Pacific Sustainable Agriculture & Community Development Conference (2018-02-08)

Speaker Bio: Daniela (DJ) graduated from Texas Christian University in 2000 with a degree in Advertising. DJ first came to Asia in 2004 to serve among the people of Central Asia. Now living in Chiang Mai, Thailand with her family of 4 since 2012, she completed her MBA in July 2017 focusing on Corporate Social Responsibility and sustainability practices among companies in the coffee industry of Northern Thailand. DJ is passionate about holistic ministry among the people of Asia.

Abstract: To find the right customer for your niche products in order to increase profitability (vegetables, fruits, soaps, honey, tea, coffee, etc.), it is necessary to engage in a multitude of assessments to formulate a strategy that reaches them! These assessments can be: internal and external, looking at your long-term vision and mission, the current market that you are in (or desire to be), the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats you will face, as well as your target customer(s) and your biggest competitors. Marketing niche products presents challenges and opportunities, requiring on-going assessments to ensure competitive advantage. This workshop will introduce these assessments as well as the opportunity to use them in an exercise in the hope that you will be able to better connect your products to customers, with an increased profit.