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Presented By: Kathy Corson Bryson

Event: ECHO International Agriculture Conference 2017 (2017-11-15)

For too long agriculture and nutrition have been separate sectors of development. Producing more food does not insure less child malnutrition in farm families. What are some practical high-impact actions that every family can do to have children who can survive and thrive? How can a development worker best share these life-saving messages with the community?

Presenter - Kathy Corson Bryson was born in Costa Rica and spent her childhood in Puerto Rico, Bolivia, and Haiti. She is the International Training Director of SIFAT, a non-profit focusing on “sharing God’s love in practical ways.” SIFAT, founded in 1979 by Kathy’s parents, is a ministry supported by the United Methodist Church. Kathy attended Asbury College and Wheaton College, majoring in Sociology and Biology. Later, she received a Master’s degree in Public Health specializing in International Maternal and Child Health from UAB and a second Master’s degree in Hispanic Studies from Auburn University. Kathy and her husband David lived and worked together with marginalized peoples in Bolivia, Ecuador, Venezuela, and Mexico. Her current work is in Honduras and Haiti.