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Edible portions : Fruit, Leaves

A small evergreen tree. It grows up to 6-10 m high. The leaves are 10-30 cm long and with leaflets along the stalk. There are 7 -15 pairs of leaflets which are 7-10 cm long. The flowers are in open flower stalk arrangements on the ends of branches. The fruit is small, round and yellow-green. It has a sweet smell. Fruit are 2.5 cm across. The skin is thin and easily peeled off. It is pliable and leathery. The flesh has five segments which are colourless. There are 1-3 flat green seeds. There are some named cultivated varieties.

It is native to S. China. A subtropical fruit. It can withstand light frosts. They can grow in dry situations. It can grow on a range of well drained soils. It can grow in acid and alkaline soils. Iron chlorosis occurs on alkaline soils. In the Cairns Botanical Gardens. It suits hardiness zones 10-12. In Sichuan and Yunnan.