1. 1998-02-19 Kerosene Emulsifiable Concentrate is an insecticide (at times it acts as a fungicide) which has a very wide spectrum as far as dealing with various insects is concerned.
  2. 1999-07-19 The diamondback caterpillar,Plutella xylostella, (larva of amoth) is a very serious pest of cabbage and other crops. When highly fertilized collard greens (B. oleracea, Acephala Group), a related vegetable, are planted completely around a field, moths lay their eggs on the collards rather than on...
  3. 1999-12-19 In a study done by the University of Georgia, scientists showed that plants send out very specific signals for parasitic wasps to come to their aid when under attack by herbivores.
  4. 1996-10-19 Grasshoppers and locusts cause extensive damage to a wide variety of crops and can be persistent in gardens year after year. Several ideas for their control are presented.
  5. 2002-04-20 Plant-parasitic nematodes are a problem for farmers throughout the tropics and subtropics. Most species of nematodes are not actually plant or animal parasites, but the ones that are parasitic make up a small but important minority.
  6. 2003-07-20 An article in the March 1998 issue of The IPM Practitioner featured the use of borates to protect wood against termites, wood-boring beetles, carpenter ants and decay fungi.
  7. 2007-01-20 Used motor oil is used to "paint" poles for a fence or poles for houses (mud hut construction) or to "paint" the roofing timbers.
  8. 2005-01-20 Report on experience using Tithonia diversifolia as a termite repellent for protecting fruit trees in Central African Republic.
  9. 2003-07-20 In addition to controlling termites, boric acid can be used to control cockroaches and ants.
  10. Customers worldwide are increasingly demanding agricultural produce free of pesticide residues and demand for biological pest control methods, including the sterile insect technique (SIT), is rapidly increasing. The environment-friendly SIT pest control method involves the mass rearing of the...