1. 1974-01-01 This informal presentation has been assembled in response to urgent requests of many of our gardening friends. 124 pages, illustrated
  2. Includes cultural method of pest control, biological pest control, encouraging predators, and botanical pest control. No page numbers, illustrated
  3. 1988-09-01 Government of Pakistan/USAID Project 16 pages, illustrated
  4. 1998-01-09 This discussion paper series presents technical research results that encompass a wide range of subjects drawn from research on policy-relevant aspects of agriculture, poverty, nutrition, and the environment. 53 pages
  5. 1987-01-01 Research 87, Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences, University of Florida Florida Agricutural Research publication
  6. 2011-01-01 African Organic Agriculture Manual Booklet Series 14 pages, illustrated
  7. 2007-01-01 15 pages, illustrated, photos Also includes "A guide to control all those pesky flies that bug you and your animals (17 p.)
  8. 2066-01-19 160 pages, illustrated
  9. 1999-01-01 291 pages. Proceedings of a workshop at Cambell Agricultural Center, Homestead, Florida, June 1999
  10. 1991-11-04 167 pages, illustrated, photos Isle of Thorns Conference Centre, East Sussex, UK, 4-8 Nov. 1991