ECHO Asia Impact Center staff members first heard about alternative herbicide recipes that use fermented papaya and pineapple from a retired technical school teacher and organic farmer, Kru Pratoom. As weeding is a big part of any farmer’s life, the Seed Bank staff wanted to try out a lower-risk herbicide to see if its effects on weeds would warrant its use. They also wanted to ensure that this herbicide would not pose a risk to soil pH, microbiology, structure, and plant uptake and health. This ECHO Asia Research Note describes the process used to create this herbicide, as well as a sampling technique to determine its efficacy on weeds. Look for a future note about the methodology used to help determine its effects on soil microorganisms and health.



Sophie Roberts, Yuwadee Danmalidoi, Rattakarn Arttawuttikun, Kitichai Sampunsinkor, and Abram Bicksler

ECHO亚洲影响中心的工作人员第一次从Kru Pratoom一个偏远技术学校的老师和一个有机农业

为小型使用者制造和实验一种选择性除草剂 Mandarin Herbicide PDF