As densities of livestock increase, an industrious farmer finds ways and means to increase his farm’s nutrient stream for the benefit of his system. This article will describe methods and techniques necessary for a smallholder farmer to succeed with farm-derived hog feeds. As you read, remember that a farmer should first fully exploit the extensive (and more passive) existing systems on the farm, and only then consider intensifying their overall operation.



Keith Mikkelson (菲律宾巴拉望公主港市 Aloha 之家的执行董事)

因为家养动物品种增加,一个勤勉的农民找到了增加营养流动从而优化他 的系统的方法和手段。这篇文章将描述小型农户成功制作猪饲料的必要的方法 和技术。

农户自产饲料:猪食的生产 PDF