1. Normal Temperature, Respiration, Heart Rate and Weights for Goats, Cattle, Pigs, Horses in Haiti Temperati, Respirasyon, Batman Kè epi Pwa Nòmal pou Kabrit, Bèf, Kochon, Cheval an Ayiti
  2. Glossary of terms
  3. Creole Document - Insects in our gardens
  4. A creole document describing illnesses in Haiti that can be prevented with vaccine available in Haiti
  5. A powerpoint explaining rabies in general and in Haiti, how to combat it, signs, what do do if you are bit etc.
  6. Vaccines for Common Diseases in Haiti by Species
  7. Creole Document discussing grafting.
  8. Creole Document :breeding rabbits is a very exciting job, and provides many economic advantage.
  9. Documents provided by ECHO network members in Haiti to serve the Creole language.
  10. A Creole document with Macro and Common Micro Minerals their functions and problems that occur with deficiency or excess. Vitamins - Fat and Water Soluble, functions and problems that occur with deficiency or excess