1. 20-10-2006 A new strain or strains of wheat stem rust are especially dangerous, because many wheat cultivars in major wheat producing countries show little or no resistance. The spores of the fungus are well adapted for long distance travel on high-altitude wind currents.
  2. 28-10-2014 The Great Lakes region is a major production area of banana (Musa ssp.), with higher per capita consumption levels than anywhere else in the world, The region is home to the East African highland bananas (EAHB), which are an important food and cash crop for more than 30 million people in the...
  3. 01-01-2004 This Agrodok series #28 concerns identification of crop damage caused by diseases, pests or mineral deficiencies. 77 pages, illustrations
  4. This book is the result of years of research into what really does and does not encourage plants to grow faster and what works to protect them from diseases and pests. Gillman is also very clear on what concoctions should be avoided.
  5. 01-01-1970 This book tries to offer a synoptic representation of diseases and pests in tropical and subtropical crops, including their control, and thus to fill a gap in a field of technical and scientific literature which has been neglected. 371 pages, illustrated, photos
  6. 01-01-1994 This report carried on further investigation on spore quantity in the soil and root colonization of plants of the secondary vegetation in the field. An attemp was made to re-isolate spores of the VAMP applied from the soil close to the useful plants. 12 pages, tables
  7. 01-01-1999 The heart of this manual consist of over 100 entries of fungal genera, arranged alphabetically, that occur as plant pathogens in the tropics. Each entry includes the genus with author citation and the class or order to which the genus belongs. This is followed by a short description of the fungus...
  8. 01-01-1995 .Plant Clinic utilizes a series of questions with the answers pointing to possible diagnosis. Included is data on 10 cases to show the process. 20 pages, illustrations
  9. 01-01-2011 This booklet is an outcome of the African Organic Agriculture Training Manual project and was conceived as a handout for farmers. African Organic Agriculture Manual Booklet Series 14 pages, illustrated
  10. 19-01-1991 This volume aims to provide basic understanding of useful practical approaches for the identification of viruses and control measures. The booklet is intended as a general guide to diagnostic work and is meant to give only the most basic background. Those seeking more details are referred to the...