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05 Tháng hai, 2024 08:30 - 09 Tháng hai, 2024 16:30
ECHO Asia Small Farm Resource Center, Chiang Mai, Thailand
Người Thuyết trình: LEAD Asia Pacific and ECHO Asia
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LEAD Asia Pacific Organizers (languageimpact@sil.org)

Faith and Farming CoP Event Title Page


Faith and Farming is a scripture engagement initiative, connecting the Bible with everyday farmers experiences. It has two goals, to help those working on the land to:

1) engage with all of the Bible in the language that they use as they work on their farms or with their animals, and
2) make a connection between their faith in God and their day to day work, so that their whole life is impacted and reflects God’s greatness in everything they do and say.

To do this, the Faith and Farming programme highlights and learns from the many farmers in the Bible, including God Himself, the very first "farmer" who planted the Garden of Eden.

The LEAD Community of Practice, in partnership with ECHO Asia, is excited to be hosting the first Faith and Farming training event in Asia. This training event has been contextualised for an Asia-Pacific context, but as with all training, much of the material covered will need to be sensitively considered and potentially adapted for implementation in your own unique work setting.

Note: This training event is open to people of differing faiths and no faith, and as a community of practice we recognise the benefits of diversity when dealing with complex topics. However, for this event in particular it is important to note the training will be based on stories and principles from the Christian Bible. Please consider carefully whether this is an event that you will be comfortable participating in fully.

Event Goal:

Participants return to their places of work with a better understanding of the connections between their faith, farming and agriculture more broadly, and are equipped and motivated to share their learning with others.

Learning Outcomes:

By the end of the event participants will have...

  1. A basic theological understanding of the connections between Faith and Farming,

  2. Reviewed and considered what the Bible has to say about farming and agriculture more broadly, and what the implications are for us as we work with the land in a sustainable way,

  3. Considered what it means to be a follower of Jesus and a farmer and the implications for Scripture Engagement initiatives,

  4. Seen firsthand a selection of sustainable farming techniques demonstrated at the ECHO Asia Global Farm,

  5. Begun to plan what their next steps are for incorporating their learning into their own work and context.

And by six months after the event participants will have run one training event in their own location, with the support of others as needed.