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  1. 01-01-1997 This classic handbook is considered by generations of commercial growers as the standard reference tool for growing vegetable crops. Filled with information, largely in the form of tables and charts, from hard statistics on vegetable production and consumption to fascinating esoterica, such as...
  2. 01-01-1993 Discover how easy and profitable it is to grow and sell vegetables, fruits, flowers, herbs and small livestock from your own Backyard Market Garden.
  3. 01-01-1988 A good practical guide for the vegetable production student. A breakthrough in documentation of proven methods in flatland and hillside cultivation of tropical vegetables. Designed especially for today's progressive farmer.
  4. 01-01-1994 This text introduces readers to vegetable production and guides them through the process of growing a profitable crop in tropical or subtropical climates. It provides details for 59 specific vegetables including the choice of cultivars, their cultivation and management and even how to use them....
  5. 01-01-1987 Describes the techniques and fundamental concepts underlying the production and marketing of vegetable crops, particularly those crops that contribute to the commercial vitality of the vegetable industry in the western hemisphere. Covers resources -- natural, biological and economic -- that are...
  6. 01-01-2000 The purpose of this book is to provide the best and most up-to-date information available to the primary users of this book - the Florida vegetable industry. SP170 1999 and 2000 editions 2 copies

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