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Người Thuyết trình: Kanjana Sommit, Ph.D. - Maejo University

Sự kiện: 2023 ECHO Asia Agriculture & Community Development Conference -- "From Surviving to Thriving" (18-10-2023)

Dr. Kanjana Sommit has more than 12 years of research experience on alternative tourism such as voluntourism, gastronomy, community-based, and old-town conservation tourism. Tourism marketing and social entrepreneurship are also the fields she experiences. As a social science academic, she believes that tourism will be a crucial tool to communicate and connect the community and visitors to learn and respect each other, enrich the culture and local wisdom, and preserve biodiversity.

She earned a doctorate in Business Administration.  She got two master’s degrees in teaching English as a Foreign Language and Business Administration (Entrepreneurship). She earned a B.A. in French Language from Chiang Mai University.  

In this session, she will share fruitful experiences on how to make more value of the local plants and unwanted plants; the value-added process; and how to communicate and market under the topic of “The Forgotten Plants and Local Economy: An Experiential Gastronomy Tourism, Thailand”.