1. 14-12-2020 Featured in this AN The Martinez Airlift Water Pump Do All Parts of the Chaya Plant Contain Cyanide? Cyantesmo Paper for Detecting Cyanide Job Opportunity at ECHO Asia
  2. 01-01-2010 The purpose of this document is to show several water pump designs constructed from PVC pipe, explain how to manufacture them, and discuss pump performance and how to improve on these designs. What’s Inside: Pump Design Manufacturing Process Pump Performance Appendix Cite this article as:...
  3. 15-10-2020 Solar Water Pumping for Sustainability is a state of the art review of solar water pumping technology combined with practical insights, lessons and best practices drawn from experience. It takes the reader step by step through the different phases that comprise a solar water pumping project,...
  4. 01-01-1982 240 pages, illustrated, photos
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  6. 01-01-2003 48 pages, illustrated, tables Research Report 66
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