1. 19-01-1992 The grass family, known as Poaceae, is probably the most important plant family on earth. Grasses were the first food plants to be cultivated by man. Grain crops , such as maize, wheat, rice and sugarcane( all grasses), are still our most important source of energy. The identification of grasses...
  2. 01-01-1979 160 pages, illustrated, photos
  3. 01-08-1967 Bulletin 718 31 pages, illustrate, photos
  4. 01-06-1982 11 pages, illustrated, photos Circular S-291
  5. 01-01-1956 Section 2 of a series 37 pages, illustrated, photos
  6. 01-01-1970 24 pages, illustrated, photos #37
  7. 01-01-1972 Part I - Distribution and Host Plants Part II = INtroduction of neodusmetia sangwani, natural enemy of rhodesgrass scale 31 pages, illustrated
  8. 01-01-1956 46 pages, illustrated, photos Section 3, Pasture and Range Plants
  9. 01-01-1955 Series 1: Pasture and range plants 26 pages, illustrated, photos
  10. The greatest health need of a family or individual is the daily use of organic fresh live produce. This book shows how everyone can grow simply within a small kitchen space an organic salad.