1. 01-04-1994 Various sections, different page numbers, illustrated.
  2. 01-01-1995 This volume provides a comprehensive summary of the history and current state of the field. The 36 articles present a truly global perspective on the theory and practice of today's ethnobotany. 414 pages, illustrated, photos
  3. 01-07-1989 Final report to the Worldwide Fund for nature, Surrey, UK, July 1989 107 pages
  4. To the untrained eye, a desert is a wasteland that defies civilization; yet the desert has been home to native cultures for centuries and offers sustenance in its surprisingly wide range of plant life. Gary Paul Nabhan has combed the desert in search of plants forgotten by all but a handful of...
  5. The purpose of this book is to provide conservation organizations with a concise guide to information on threatened plants. Rather than providing information on each threatened plants, it shows how to find the information.
  6. 01-01-1997 The Nitrogen Fixing Tree Association has played a major rol in generating interest in and publishing information about nitrogen fixing trees. NFTA has sponsored research/ development agendas, workshops and conversations on the role of nitrogen fixing trees in society.
  7. ทรัพยากรหลัก 19-01-1996 This is an easy-to-use guide to selecting hundreds of perennial species. It is indispensable for growers and designers working in subtropical and warm temperate/arid climates, and also includes some cool-climate tolerant species. Permaculture Plants: A Selection details hundreds of common and...