1. 19-12-2017 Options Agricoles Pour Les Agriculteurs de Petite Échelleest destine a ceux qui cherchent des moyens d'ameliorer les moyens de subsistance des petits agriculteurs et des jardiniers en milieu urban.
  2. 19-03-1995 Learning how to do experimental trials Intensive small-scale farming Understanding plant diseases Fertilizer bean-Honduras Rats, mice and other vermin Rural journalism Information sharing - Germany Flexible experiments Learning with urban farmers - Bolivia Less fertilzer Hybrid layers -...
  3. 19-12-1994 Women survive on little land - Argentina City farming Hydroponics Bio-intensive gardening - Bangladesh Philippine resettlers start organic gardens Urban agriculture network Gardening on garbage Waste Grazing alternatives The cattle of Chitungwiza
  4. Rasilimali Muhimu 20-01-2002 This Agrodok targets those who want to grow vegetables and other crops for their families or for the local market in urban and peri-urban areas. Factors that urban agriculturalists and gardeners need to take into consideration when selecting where to plant their crops and the best methods of...
  5. 01-01-1993 This book presents a five-year plan for turning a plain, unadorned lawn into a full-scale food production system that supplies many of the yearly food needs for a family of four.
  6. 01-01-2000 The Square Foot Gardening Foundation has a brand new program aimed at developing countries. It's a self-help, grass roots operation that trains others how to have a very productive garden in a very small space.
  7. This publication discusses how to design a patio garden and what plants to use. 8.5 x 11, self published. No pagination.
  8. 01-01-2002 This publication describes the major aims, educational and economic,of school garden programs 13 pages
  9. 01-01-1981 This publication is designed to help those who live in the Tropics and whose space is limited to grow some of their own food in containers. It contains information on choosing containers and sites, preparing the soil, establishing and caring for the plants, avoiding insect and disease problems,...
  10. 02-01-1992 Discusses the principles and techniques of container gardening, and provides advice on choosing, planting, and cultivating different types of containers. 96 pages, photos