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  1. 2002-01-01 It is the hope of the consultation group and the editors that in the midst of the most horrific crisis of modern day, that this manual will provide a useful guide to offering compassionate, thoughtful care to those in desperate needs.
  2. Health care practitioners, planners and artisans will find ideas and designs for equipment that can be made locally in relatively small workshops. Alternative materials and fabrication methods are described to meet differing local circumstances.
  3. This book covers the major and minor problems parents are likely to meet, not only in the physical care of their children but also in their upbringing, and will help to make the period overseas a memorable and troublefree experience for the family.
  4. 2012-06-18 In this important and compelling book, the author from his wealth of practical and academic experience, talks us through the best practices which health professionals can follow to transform a global health movement from impending crisis to confirmed benefit. But for many who read this book it...