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  1. 1994-07-19 Information on obtaining inoculants for legume crops.
  2. 2002-10-01 Almost all Sesbania inoculant is capable of forming both stem and root nodules in S. rostrata.
  3. 2008-10-20 When a legume is growing in its native habitat, it is likely that the appropriate bacteria are present in the soil. If nodules are present on the roots, especially along the taproot near the crown, and if the nodules are pink or red inside, then an appropriate bacterial strain is living in the...
  4. 1994-07-19 Go Easy With Fertilizer After Transplanting Trees and Shrubs. Removing Salts From Container Grown Plants Moringa and Carotene What About Rhizobia Inoculants? Tomatoes Resist Flooding if Grafted To Eggplant. A Method For Keeping Rats Away From Oil Palms