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This book gives advice on how to have a healthy diet. It explains the symptoms of a bad diet, especially for children. It describes foods that give strength and energy to the body. It also describes those that protect from illness. It explains symptoms of certain illnesses that an unhealthy diet can cause. It advises how to avoid and treat these illnesses.

The original text is in the French and Abidiji languages. We adapted the text from Where There is No Doctor that David Werner wrote, copyright © 1986. We also adapted it from documents that The National Institute of Public Health of Abidjan, Ivory Coast published.
MissionAssist thanks Seraphin Dene SRN, her assistant Pierre Tito, and Lorna Kingston, a midwife (helps women in baby’s birth), for their valuable help.
MissionAssist published this EasyEnglish edition in the United Kingdom in 2021.
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