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General description and special characteristics – Sesame is an erect annual plant up to 2 m tall, known for the high oil content of its seeds. Seeds are 2-4 mm long, oval in shape and pointed on one end. Fruit is a capsule containing 50-100 seeds.

Varieties -


  • AVRDC (พันธุ์เม็ดสีดำ): Taller fruit and dark green pod than Lao variety, high yield. 


  • Kaset Sart (พันธุ์เกษตรศาสตร์เม็ดใหญ่): Big seed and fruit, tolerant to disease. Pod does not split before harvest.
  • Lao (พันธุ์ลาวเม็ดเล็ก): Small seed and small fruit. Caution required when harvesting, as pod tends to split open and release seeds.