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By: Rebecca Garafano
Published: 2017-10-23

EDN 137 LEAD 1Over recent years, greater attention has been given to critical links between agriculture and nutrition. Are you interested in learning and discussing ways to leverage agriculture practices – whether for home gardens, production fields, or agroforestry plots – to consider the nutritional and health needs of the community in which you work? You don’t have to be an expert on nutrition to understand the importance of nutrition to well-being in the community. If you are focused on education, a great deal of research shows strong links between adequate nutrition and positive learning outcomes for children.

EDN 137 LEAD 2LEAD Asia is pleased to have Cecilia Gonzalez, ECHO’s very own Team Leader for the Latin America/Caribbean Impact Team, share her experiences with nutrition and community development during our November “Transformational Development Forum” online call. Cecilia has extensive international experience. While pursuing her graduate studies at Cornell University, she focused on international development and conducted research on iron nutrition.

This topic is part of a series of web-based talks that gather development practitioners from different organizations working with communities around the world, to discuss important topics. The talk will be given twice, on November 8th and 10th, to cater to a global audience. To learn more about this topic and to sign up for the call, visit our schedule and information link and follow prompts.

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