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Clean Works Centers are self-sustaining, remotely operated, “off-the grid” facilities. The Centers enable new methods for “in-the-field” post-harvest food processing, packing and storage. With the adoption of new innovations designed to extend shelf life, perishable and staple foods are of higher value, food safe, and consumable and marketable for many more days, weeks or months. The Clean Works India program is scalable, applying existing, integrated technology solutions.

Programs are be managed in India by Farmer-Producer Organizations (FPO’s), with agri-food experts and advisors. Pilot programs are initiated in rural Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, and soon in other neighboring states. A “Dry Chain for Groundnuts” research study with UC Davis is underway in Andhra Pradesh which will establish a food-safe approach to eliminate carcinogenic Aflatoxins in the food supply chain through improved on-farm cultivation, processing and storage practices.