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Abstract, International Journal of Agronomy, 2012

A study was undertaken for two consecutive years to assess the possibility of optimizing rhizome yield of Acorus calamus L. (sweet flag) by shifting the time of planting (i.e., growing in rainy and autumn seasons), maintaining different spacings, and harvesting in different months. Significantly higher yields of A. calamus were recorded when seeded in autumn (13150 kg ha−1) than rainy (6570 kg ha−1) season. Harvesting of crop after 12 months gave maximum rhizome yields of 16470 kg ha−1 and 9370 kg ha−1 respectively during autumn and rainy seasons. A similar trend was also noticed in various yield components (i.e., length, width and weight of rhizome). Closer planting ( cm,  cm) gave significantly higher rhizome yield (8620 kg ha−1, 8120 kg ha−1) than wider spacing  cm (7030 kg ha−1). This study illustrated the possibility of optimizing rhizome yield of A. calamus by manipulation in the time of planting and harvesting as well as maintaining proper plant spacing.