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Edible Portion: Fruits

Probably a natural hybrid of Citrus reticulata and Fortunella sp. A small citrus tree. It is 2-8 m tall. It is slightly thorny. The leaves are smaller than most citrus. They are 4-7 cm long. They are evergreen and alternate. They are broadly oval and dark green and glossy on the upper surface and yellowish-green underneath. The flowers have five oval and pure white petals. They are 2.5 cm across. The flowers occur singly or on small clusters or 2-3 in the axils of leaves near the ends of stems. The fruit resemble a tangerine. They are about 4 cm across. Fruit are sweet, juicy and acidic. There are 6-10 segments and the pulp is orange. They can be seedless or have small, greenish, oval and pointed seeds.