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Phaseolus lunatus is a vining (indeterminate) or bush-type (pseudo-determinate) legume from Central and South America. Vining types are vigorous, perennial, and reach 2-6 m in length. Bush-type cultivars are annuals and reach heights of 0.25-1 m. Leaves are trifoliate, present alternately on the stem, and range from pubescent to glabrous. Inflorescence can reach 15 cm in length and bear up to 25 white-to-violet flowers. Pod lengths are 5-12 cm and contain 2-4 seeds each. Pod and seed shape, size, and color are highly variable and dependent upon cultivar.

'Humidity Resistant' is a small-seeded variety of lima bean that is drought tolerant but also tolerant of high humidity. The smooth, thin beans are black in color.