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The Amaranth Institute, a non-profit organization, includes individuals, partnerships, firms corporations or associations who deal, in whole or part, with the growing, importation, processing, grinding and distribution of amaranth seeds, vegetable amaranth and amaranth processed products. Members of the Amaranth Institute netwowk include farmers, educators, researchers, food ingredient processors, health food professionals and industry representatives.

The Amaranth Institute welcomes any person, firm partnership or corporation directly or indirectly interested in amaranth both within the U.S. and globally.

The Amaranth Institute acts to:

  • Acquire, preserve and distribute valuable buiness information and to promote the best interests of the amaranth community.
  • Collect and disseminate statistics and other information relevant to the amaranth industry.
  • Promote standardization and simplification of terminology of amaranth and amaranth products.
  • Conduct trade promotion.
  • Encourage research activities related to amaranth.
  • Establish uniform contacts, conduct arbitration and adjust controversies and misunderstandings among and between its members.
  • Advance lawful practices, customs, and usages within the amaranth industry.
  • Promote industrial safety and the establishment of sanitary conditions.
  • Engage in any lawful activities related to the amaranth trade.