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The SRI Homepage/System of Rice Intensification website, a joint collaboration of Association Tefy Saina and CIIFAD, offers a wealth of SRI-related material, particularly on its "SRI Practical and AV Material” page.

Downloadable English manuals include How to Help Rice Plants to Grow Better and Produce More: Teach Yourself and Others, the original SRI manual developed jointly by CIIFAD and Tefy Saina. Additionally, SRI - Achieving More with Less: A New Way of Rice Cultivation, offers a well illustrated overview of SRI. Among Asian language manuals available on the same page is a Thai SRI publication (Thai SRI manual) compiled by the Agricultural Extension Unit at the McKean Rehabilitation Center in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Also available is an Indonesian language PDF file, Menembus Batas Kebuntuan Produksi: Cara SRI dalam budidaya padi, as well as SRI manuals in various South Asian languages, including Nepali, Oriya, Telugu and Tamil.

For added visual effect, several SRI-related slide presentations may also be downloaded via the "SRI Practical and AV Material” webpage. These include CEDAC's experiences with SRI: 2000-2007 by Dr. Yang Saing Koma and Increasing Water Savings while Raising Rice Yields with the System of Rice Intensification (SRI), by Dr. Norman Uphoff.