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  1. 2010-01-20 Swahili Only Ufugaji bora wa ng'ombe wa maziwa-2

  2. 1993-01-19 Integrated Smallholder Dairy Farming Manual A smallholder dairy farming system must be integrated into the total agricultural, social, and ecological system. The result, integrated smallholder farming, will enhance the total system. Disintegration is the result of these systems not interfacing...

  3. 2010-01-20 Pig farming in Tanzania has primarily been for a long time of backyard and informal sector producers. However in order to secure both food and nutritional security to rural Tanzania households, there is a need of embracing integrated approaches in livestock farming. Pig farming in Tanzania is...

  4. 2005-01-20 Swahili only Ufugaji_bora_wa_mbuzi_wa_maz

  5. 2010-01-20 Swahili only Mwongozo wa ufugaji bora wa mbuzi wa maziwa

  6. 1996-01-19 Swahili only Mwongozo kuhusu ufugaji wa ngamia

  7. 2008-07-20 Swahili Only Kitabu cha kuku wa asili

  8. 2000-01-20 Raising fish in ponds for food is called fish farming. It is very different from fishing in lakes, rivers and oceans because YOU, the farmer, are in control.