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Nutritional interventions, education and food consumption, accessibility, water and sanitation, complementary feeding and others.

  1. Spanish with Kaqchiquel Organización: Hospitalito de Atitlán
  2. Organización: Hospitalito de Atitlán Spanish withQuiché
  3. Organización: Hospitalito de Atitlán Spanish withTzutujil
  4. Organización: ODIM
  5. Organización: ODIM
  6. Ministerio de Salud Pública y Asistencia Social
  7. 20/07/2013 Chaya is rich in essential nutrients Chaya leaves are an excellent source of a number of essential nutrients for a healthy, balanced diet. In fact, Chaya is more nutritious than many green leafy vegetables such as spinach, Chinese cabbage and amaranth. The leaves are very high in protein,...
  8. Organización: ODIM
  9. Encuentra información sobre: Intervenciones nutricionales, educación y consumo de alimentos, accesibilidad, agua y saneamiento, alimentación complementaria y otros.
  10. Organización: Milagros en Acción
  11. 20/11/2019 Chaya is very nutritious; a 100 gram serving (about 50 – 60 fresh leaves) contains the following: Protein: It has the same amount of protein as an egg. Protein is important for muscle development. Iron: It has two times the iron of a serving of spinach. Iron enriches blood and helps prevent...